Tom Hiddleston as Coriolanus in Coriolanus [HQ]

Sometimes I remember this thing happened and… wow

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oooh this scene is tops this is one of the best scenes… i really love how this production devleops Hal in the Henry IV plays, like, unbelievably love it. the plays themselves are super ambiguous about Hal’s development into Henry V and whether or not it’s positive, and i’d say the presentation of him as an entitled shitty user, callously riding with people he thinks less of because of the fun they can show him, is played pretty strongly, but I also really enjoy how much it develops the corresponding fact of how much they use him as being their better. Like, the notion that Hal is degrading himself is itself pretty nasty towards them, but they buy into their class system as much as he does, and they revel in his lowering himself to their level - they do degrade him.  the series is very forthcoming about Hal’s nastiness to his friends - they certainly don’t deserve it - but he’s not stone-cold and impenetrable, and these moments are hurtful to him… and only strengthen his resolve to be what I can only describe as the worst dude.

whether or not you think he and Poins are probably banging - that is an undertone to this production like whoa - this moment is tense af not because of some deep sad heartbreak or whatever, but because of the combination of the power dynamic - how much Poins stands to lose, or pay, if he falls out of Hal’s favor - and the hurtfulness in which Hal confronts this guy with a point-blank question, “Have you been basically humiliating me behind my back in front of a bunch of other people?”, only to get a response which is obviously a lie.

I also get an addition gutpunch out of the line itself, ‘Must i marry your sister?’ because, as Poins’ response has to delicately dance around, wow, what an obvious big class distinction there, where the idea of marrying Poins’ sister is clearly a huge insult, the poor blameless girl. (And yeah, if he’s banging Poins he’s obviously banging Poins don’t lie, the direct line between what an insult it would be to actually think of marrying Poins’ sister, and that relationship, is another hurtful insult. WOW, this moment.)

Also i just love all the little details - Hal playing it off like it’s humorous just to get him to read it and then DROPPING the act instantly once Poins begins, Poins’ sudden forced ire at Falstaff (the tug of war going on THERE too like damn: Hal is upset because Poins’ swearing thusly is a huge betrayal, but here Poins saying this shit in front of Falstaff is itself an act of trust which Falstaff has just betrayed him in in order to squeeze closer to Hal) itself betraying the lie, the intimacy of the whole scene (i know people were like lol there’s no point to them being naked except fanservice!… no, there’s another point, sheesh) laying bare just how utterly isolated and unkind these people actually are however much they pretend to be friends, and the way that, afterwards, Poins knows, even if Hal deigns to laugh - which is itself Hal just suddenly controlling the situation, like Hal does at the beginning by pretending he might think this is hilarious - how badly fucked he is.

The fact that monarchy, and that whole class structure, is just a goddamn unnatural state of existence felt like a really strong recurring theme with this miniseries, and i goddamn loved it.

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Tom Hiddleston by Mari Sarai (x)

I don’t understand this picture but it’s amazing :D



Tom Hiddleston by Mari Sarai (x)

I don’t understand this picture but it’s amazing :D

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Tom Hiddleston in Exhibition x

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Photography by Lorenzo Agius for Telegraph Magazine 13’
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