"One of the great flaws we all share is that we think everyone else is cool, everyone else is sexier, everyone else has all the answers. That was me too."

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Tom Hiddleston as Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive

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The Art of Villainy. [x]

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"Know thou first, I love the maid I married; never man sighed truer breath; but that I see thee here, thou noble thing, more dances my rapt heart than when I first my wedded mistress saw bestride my threshold." Coriolanus, Act IV, Scene 5.

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Tom Hiddleston by Mari Sarai

i’m so angry


Tom Hiddleston by Mari Sarai

i’m so angry

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Drunk Tom Hiddleston wins Elle Man Of The Year 2014 x

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—and I have nightly since 
Dreamt of encounters ‘twixt thyself and me;
We have been down together in my sleep, 
Unbuckling helms, fisting each other’s throat, 
And waked half dead with nothing.

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